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The Meeting House in the late 1930s/early 1940s.
The Meeting House in the late 1930s/early 1940s.


On September 18, 1850, a council consisting of William Brown, David Miller, Daniel C. Ball, Jacob A. Miller, Ezra Hill, Andrew Walters, Williarn Walters, James Mitchell, and Thomas Creal met at the Colony School House, which stood across the road from the church’s current location. After agreeing upon articles of faith and a church covenant, the council founded Mt. Tabor United Baptist Church of Jesus Christ. In 1942, the church voted to change their name to Mt. Tabor Missionary Baptist Church.

Early Years

For the first three years of its existence, the church met in Colony School House on the fourth Sunday of each month. In 1853, the church erected its first meeting house, a simple frame building with boards for seating that stood on the current site. The church replaced this first building with a slightly larger one in 1889. The current brick sanctuary was built in 1937 and was expanded or remodeled in 1950, 1965, 1972, and 1995.

A baptism service at a nearby creek. Undated.
A baptism service at a nearby creek. Undated.

Bad weather, muddy roads, and sickness often caused low attendance. In fact, the church did not meet at all from September to December 1918 due to the flu epidemic that followed World War I.

In 1927, the church voted to increase service to “half-time,” which meant meeting twice a month on the second and fourth Sundays. At some point, however, the church returned to meeting only once a month, but in 1947 the church resumed “half-time” services. The church did not meet weekly until 1951.

Interior of the meeting house. Undated.

Ministry and Revival

In 1856, the church joined with other area churches to form the Lynn Baptist Association, for the purpose of advancing the gospel and planting churches in the area.

At some point in the early 1900s, the church inaugurated a Sunday school, and in 1946 the first Vacation Bible School was held and has been every year since with the exception of 1972 when the building was under construction.

During its history, God has granted two significant movements of revival. The first occurred in July 1913. Over nine days, God added fifty people to the church. Then again in April and May 2000 God moved fifty people to make commitments to Christ.

Pastor W.T. Jewell with various members in front of the meeting house in 1946.
Pastor W.T. Jewell with various members in front of the meeting house in 1946.


1850-1866     Jesse P. Bryant
1866-1869     John Duncan
1869-1878     F.S. Cessna
1878-1882     W.L. Ramsey
1882-1888     A.J. Whitley
1888-1898     L.R. Druien
1898-1899     T.J. Brown
1899-1901     W.L. Pierce
1901-1903     J.T. Hall
1903-1906     W.L. Pierce
1906-1911     H.S. Bell
1911-1912     J.B. Ferrill
1913-1922     J.S. Gatton
1922-1928     L.E. Whitlow
1928-1941     J.T. Taylor
1941-1949     W.T. Jewell
1949-1952     Wilbert Taylor
1953-1955     Delmer Rice
1956-1958     Lesler Graham
1958-1962     Wilbert Taylor
1963-1969     Cosby Dobson
1969-1973     James R. Ray
1974                   Richard Broome (Interim)
1974-1984     Carlos Compton
1984-1985     Phillip Bradshaw
1985-1991     Roger Weddle
1991-1992     Robert H. Wilkins
1992-1993     Allan Son (Interim)
1993-2007     Roger K. Pepper
2008-2012     Barry E. Fields
2013-2017     Joshua C. Hutchens